1#ifndef _WCHAR_H
2# include <wcsmbs/wchar.h>
3# ifndef _ISOMAC
5#include <bits/floatn.h>
7extern __typeof (wcscasecmp_l) __wcscasecmp_l;
8extern __typeof (wcsncasecmp_l) __wcsncasecmp_l;
9extern __typeof (wcscoll_l) __wcscoll_l;
10extern __typeof (wcsxfrm_l) __wcsxfrm_l;
11extern __typeof (wcstol_l) __wcstol_l;
12extern __typeof (wcstoul_l) __wcstoul_l;
13extern __typeof (wcstoll_l) __wcstoll_l;
14extern __typeof (wcstoull_l) __wcstoull_l;
15extern __typeof (wcstod_l) __wcstod_l;
16extern __typeof (wcstof_l) __wcstof_l;
17extern __typeof (wcstold_l) __wcstold_l;
18extern __typeof (wcsftime_l) __wcsftime_l;
19libc_hidden_proto (__wcstol_l)
20libc_hidden_proto (__wcstoul_l)
21libc_hidden_proto (__wcstoll_l)
22libc_hidden_proto (__wcstoull_l)
23libc_hidden_proto (__wcstod_l)
24libc_hidden_proto (__wcstof_l)
25libc_hidden_proto (__wcstold_l)
26libc_hidden_proto (__wcsftime_l)
29extern double __wcstod_internal (const wchar_t *__restrict __nptr,
30 wchar_t **__restrict __endptr, int __group)
31 __THROW;
32extern float __wcstof_internal (const wchar_t *__restrict __nptr,
33 wchar_t **__restrict __endptr, int __group)
34 __THROW;
35extern long double __wcstold_internal (const wchar_t *__restrict __nptr,
36 wchar_t **__restrict __endptr,
37 int __group) __THROW;
38extern long int __wcstol_internal (const wchar_t *__restrict __nptr,
39 wchar_t **__restrict __endptr,
40 int __base, int __group) __THROW;
41extern unsigned long int __wcstoul_internal (const wchar_t *__restrict __npt,
42 wchar_t **__restrict __endptr,
43 int __base, int __group) __THROW;
45extern long long int __wcstoll_internal (const wchar_t *__restrict __nptr,
46 wchar_t **__restrict __endptr,
47 int __base, int __group) __THROW;
49extern unsigned long long int __wcstoull_internal (const wchar_t *
50 __restrict __nptr,
51 wchar_t **
52 __restrict __endptr,
53 int __base,
54 int __group) __THROW;
55extern unsigned long long int ____wcstoull_l_internal (const wchar_t *,
56 wchar_t **, int, int,
57 locale_t);
58libc_hidden_proto (__wcstof_internal)
59libc_hidden_proto (__wcstod_internal)
60libc_hidden_proto (__wcstold_internal)
61libc_hidden_proto (__wcstol_internal)
62libc_hidden_proto (__wcstoll_internal)
63libc_hidden_proto (__wcstoul_internal)
64libc_hidden_proto (__wcstoull_internal)
65libc_hidden_proto (wcstof)
66libc_hidden_proto (wcstod)
67libc_hidden_proto (wcstold)
68libc_hidden_proto (wcstol)
69libc_hidden_proto (wcstoll)
70libc_hidden_proto (wcstoul)
71libc_hidden_proto (wcstoull)
73extern float ____wcstof_l_internal (const wchar_t *, wchar_t **, int,
74 locale_t) attribute_hidden;
75extern double ____wcstod_l_internal (const wchar_t *, wchar_t **, int,
76 locale_t) attribute_hidden;
77extern long double ____wcstold_l_internal (const wchar_t *, wchar_t **,
78 int, locale_t) attribute_hidden;
79extern long int ____wcstol_l_internal (const wchar_t *, wchar_t **, int,
80 int, locale_t) attribute_hidden;
81extern unsigned long int ____wcstoul_l_internal (const wchar_t *,
82 wchar_t **,
83 int, int, locale_t)
84 attribute_hidden;
85extern long long int ____wcstoll_l_internal (const wchar_t *, wchar_t **,
86 int, int, locale_t)
87 attribute_hidden;
88extern unsigned long long int ____wcstoull_l_internal (const wchar_t *,
89 wchar_t **, int, int,
90 locale_t)
91 attribute_hidden;
94extern __typeof (wcstof128_l) __wcstof128_l;
95libc_hidden_proto (__wcstof128_l)
96extern _Float128 __wcstof128_internal (const wchar_t *__restrict __nptr,
97 wchar_t **__restrict __endptr,
98 int __group) __THROW;
100extern _Float128 ____wcstof128_l_internal (const wchar_t *, wchar_t **, int,
101 locale_t) attribute_hidden;
103libc_hidden_proto (__wcstof128_internal)
104libc_hidden_proto (wcstof128)
107libc_hidden_proto (__wcscasecmp_l)
108libc_hidden_proto (__wcsncasecmp_l)
110libc_hidden_proto (__wcscoll_l)
111libc_hidden_proto (__wcsxfrm_l)
113libc_hidden_proto (fputws_unlocked)
114libc_hidden_proto (putwc_unlocked)
115libc_hidden_proto (putwc)
117libc_hidden_proto (vswscanf)
119libc_hidden_proto (mbrtowc)
120libc_hidden_proto (wcrtomb)
121extern int __wcscmp (const wchar_t *__s1, const wchar_t *__s2)
122 __THROW __attribute_pure__;
123libc_hidden_proto (__wcscmp)
124libc_hidden_proto (wcsftime)
125libc_hidden_proto (wcsspn)
126libc_hidden_proto (wcschr)
127/* The C++ overloading of wcschr means we have to repeat the type to
128 declare __wcschr instead of using typeof, to avoid errors in C++
129 tests; in addition, __THROW cannot be used with a function type
130 from typeof in C++. The same applies to __wmemchr and, as regards
131 __THROW, to __wcscmp and __wcscoll. */
132extern wchar_t *__wcschr (const wchar_t *__wcs, wchar_t __wc)
133 __THROW __attribute_pure__;
134libc_hidden_proto (__wcschr)
135extern int __wcscoll (const wchar_t *__s1, const wchar_t *__s2) __THROW;
136libc_hidden_proto (__wcscoll)
137libc_hidden_proto (wcspbrk)
139extern __typeof (wmemset) __wmemset;
140extern wchar_t *__wmemchr (const wchar_t *__s, wchar_t __c, size_t __n)
141 __THROW __attribute_pure__;
142libc_hidden_proto (wmemchr)
143libc_hidden_proto (__wmemchr)
144libc_hidden_proto (wmemset)
145libc_hidden_proto (__wmemset)
146extern int __wmemcmp (const wchar_t *__s1, const wchar_t *__s2, size_t __n)
147 __THROW __attribute_pure__;
149/* Now define the internal interfaces. */
150extern int __wcscasecmp (const wchar_t *__s1, const wchar_t *__s2)
151 __attribute_pure__;
152extern int __wcsncasecmp (const wchar_t *__s1, const wchar_t *__s2,
153 size_t __n)
154 __attribute_pure__;
155extern size_t __wcslen (const wchar_t *__s) __attribute_pure__;
156extern size_t __wcsnlen (const wchar_t *__s, size_t __maxlen)
157 __attribute_pure__;
158extern wchar_t *__wcscat (wchar_t *dest, const wchar_t *src);
159extern wint_t __btowc (int __c) attribute_hidden;
160extern int __mbsinit (const __mbstate_t *__ps);
161extern size_t __mbrtowc (wchar_t *__restrict __pwc,
162 const char *__restrict __s, size_t __n,
163 __mbstate_t *__restrict __p);
164libc_hidden_proto (__mbrtowc)
165libc_hidden_proto (__mbrlen)
166extern size_t __wcrtomb (char *__restrict __s, wchar_t __wc,
167 __mbstate_t *__restrict __ps) attribute_hidden;
168extern size_t __mbsrtowcs (wchar_t *__restrict __dst,
169 const char **__restrict __src,
170 size_t __len, __mbstate_t *__restrict __ps)
171 attribute_hidden;
172extern size_t __wcsrtombs (char *__restrict __dst,
173 const wchar_t **__restrict __src,
174 size_t __len, __mbstate_t *__restrict __ps)
175 attribute_hidden;
176extern size_t __mbsnrtowcs (wchar_t *__restrict __dst,
177 const char **__restrict __src, size_t __nmc,
178 size_t __len, __mbstate_t *__restrict __ps)
179 attribute_hidden;
180extern size_t __wcsnrtombs (char *__restrict __dst,
181 const wchar_t **__restrict __src,
182 size_t __nwc, size_t __len,
183 __mbstate_t *__restrict __ps)
184 attribute_hidden;
185extern wchar_t *__wcscpy (wchar_t *__restrict __dest,
186 const wchar_t *__restrict __src)
187 attribute_hidden __nonnull ((1, 2));
188libc_hidden_proto (__wcscpy)
189extern wchar_t *__wcsncpy (wchar_t *__restrict __dest,
190 const wchar_t *__restrict __src, size_t __n);
191extern wchar_t *__wcpcpy (wchar_t *__dest, const wchar_t *__src);
192extern wchar_t *__wcpncpy (wchar_t *__dest, const wchar_t *__src,
193 size_t __n);
194extern wchar_t *__wmemcpy (wchar_t *__s1, const wchar_t *s2,
195 size_t __n) attribute_hidden;
196extern wchar_t *__wmempcpy (wchar_t *__restrict __s1,
197 const wchar_t *__restrict __s2,
198 size_t __n) attribute_hidden;
199extern wchar_t *__wmemmove (wchar_t *__s1, const wchar_t *__s2,
200 size_t __n) attribute_hidden;
201extern wchar_t *__wcschrnul (const wchar_t *__s, wchar_t __wc)
202 __attribute_pure__;
204extern wchar_t *__wmemset_chk (wchar_t *__s, wchar_t __c, size_t __n,
205 size_t __ns) __THROW;
207extern int __vfwscanf (__FILE *__restrict __s,
208 const wchar_t *__restrict __format,
209 __gnuc_va_list __arg)
210 attribute_hidden
211 /* __attribute__ ((__format__ (__wscanf__, 2, 0)) */;
212extern int __fwprintf (__FILE *__restrict __s,
213 const wchar_t *__restrict __format, ...)
214 attribute_hidden
215 /* __attribute__ ((__format__ (__wprintf__, 2, 3))) */;
216extern int __vfwprintf_chk (FILE *__restrict __s, int __flag,
217 const wchar_t *__restrict __format,
218 __gnuc_va_list __arg)
219 /* __attribute__ ((__format__ (__wprintf__, 3, 0))) */;
220extern int __vswprintf_chk (wchar_t *__restrict __s, size_t __n,
221 int __flag, size_t __s_len,
222 const wchar_t *__restrict __format,
223 __gnuc_va_list __arg)
224 /* __attribute__ ((__format__ (__wprintf__, 5, 0))) */;
226extern int __isoc99_fwscanf (__FILE *__restrict __stream,
227 const wchar_t *__restrict __format, ...);
228extern int __isoc99_wscanf (const wchar_t *__restrict __format, ...);
229extern int __isoc99_swscanf (const wchar_t *__restrict __s,
230 const wchar_t *__restrict __format, ...)
231 __THROW;
232extern int __isoc99_vfwscanf (__FILE *__restrict __s,
233 const wchar_t *__restrict __format,
234 __gnuc_va_list __arg);
235extern int __isoc99_vwscanf (const wchar_t *__restrict __format,
236 __gnuc_va_list __arg);
237extern int __isoc99_vswscanf (const wchar_t *__restrict __s,
238 const wchar_t *__restrict __format,
239 __gnuc_va_list __arg) __THROW;
240extern int __vswscanf (const wchar_t *__restrict __s,
241 const wchar_t *__restrict __format,
242 __gnuc_va_list __arg) __THROW;
243libc_hidden_proto (__isoc99_vswscanf)
244libc_hidden_proto (__vswscanf)
245libc_hidden_proto (__isoc99_vfwscanf)
247/* Internal functions. */
248extern size_t __mbsrtowcs_l (wchar_t *dst, const char **src, size_t len,
249 mbstate_t *ps, locale_t l) attribute_hidden;
251/* Special version. We know that all uses of mbsinit inside the libc
252 have a non-NULL parameter. And certainly we can access the
253 internals of the data structure directly. */
254# define mbsinit(state) ((state)->__count == 0)
255# define __mbsinit(state) ((state)->__count == 0)
257# endif